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Audio: Davis Refinery Draft Permit to Construct and Agencies Involved

Courtesy of the Crude Life Media Network


During the interview, host Jason Spiess and Project Manager Dan Hedrington discuss the next steps for the Davis Refinery, the Bakken communities and the state of North Dakota. In addition, the two talk about how the project took a little longer than projected, how the EPA was folded into the project and how the state “vetted” the new technology.

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In this next exclusive interview, host Jason Spiess interviews Terry O’Clair on the Air Quality Division issuing, for public comment, its Draft Permit to Construct for the Davis Refinery. O’Clair explains why the refinery will be considered a “minor source” and how they made sure the technology was as good as advertised.

New technology can often mean theoretical applications, O’Clair discusses how they tackled that issue and brought in the Environmental Protection Agency early on in the process. O’Clair also lays out the next steps for the Davis Refinery, the public comment period and what people can do who have questions or would like to support the Davis Refinery.


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