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Audio: NDDoH Division Chief Terry O’Clair discusses Davis Refinery public comments with radio host Jason Spiess

In this interview, host Jason Spiess circles back with O’Clair regarding the reported number of email comments regarding the Davis Refinery.

O’Clair said out of the 11,000 email all but 500 were duplicates. Spiess speculated whether it was a political action group or environmental group who created a turn-key system for people to comment. O’Clair didn’t confirm Spiess’ speculation, but said there was definitely one author, as they all were worded identically. The conversation then transitioned into whether the comments were related to air quality or not. O’Clair didn’t have final numbers, but said based on an early glance, the majority of the comments are related to the location of the refinery, not the air quality. Which are not pertinent to the Air Quality Permit review process.


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