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Davis Refinery Issued Draft Permit to Construct, #8 Story of the Year

#8 Davis Refinery gets draft permit

Meridian Energy Group, Inc. is on the cusp of obtaining its permit to construct the Davis Refinery, a proposed state-of-the-art oil refinery that would revitalize Billings County—but be built on the periphery of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The proposed refinery has been met with opposition from environmentalists, even as the local community supports it.

Meridian CEO Bill Prentice has made bold claims as to what the refinery will do, and expressed his confidence in the technology that will be employed to ensure the refinery meets modern environmental standards. Innovations like optical sensors within the pipes and more-modern machining techniques are expected to result in a truly advanced facility.

Regulatory bodies such as the North Dakota Department of Health have been weighing the energy company’s claims and the realities their proposal sets forth, and have rigorously tested and checked Meridian’s ambitions and science. A draft proposal is available for public scrutiny, and a public meeting is scheduled in Dickinson on Jan. 17, when information will be provided and public comment taken regarding the project.

Public input is encouraged and welcomed. The proposed refinery could bring roughly $4 million in additional revenue to Billings County and create 200 permanent refinery positions, 500 construction jobs and thousands of service jobs in the surrounding area. The first phase of the refinery will generate 27,500 barrels of oil per day…


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