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Draft Permit to Construct Issued for Davis Refinery as Synthetic Minor Source

BELFIELD, North Dakota (Tuesday, December 5th, 2017) – Meridian Energy Group, Inc., the leading developer of innovative and environmentally-compliant oil refining facilities, announced today that the North Dakota Department of Health (“NDDoH”) – Air Quality Division has issued, for public comment, its Draft Permit to Construct for the Davis Refinery. This Draft Permit is the last step toward an award of a Permit to Construct (“PTC”) by the NDDoH, and is based on the thorough review of the Davis Refinery application documents, engineering designs, and related equipment specifications, by the NDDoH.

Issuance of the draft PTC begins a 45-day public comment period, during which NDDoH will receive and consider comments and analysis from interested parties and the public. A public meeting will be scheduled within the 45-day period by the Air Quality Division of the NDDoH to facilitate participation in the process. Both during and upon conclusion of the comment period, the NDDoH will review and address all relevant input received, and then move forward with issuance of the final PTC. Meridian is hopeful that the issuance of the final PTC will take place in time to complete site grading and other work in 2017, and to launch fabrication of the refinery components by the end of the year.

Meridian’s PTC application as a Synthetic Minor Source was filed in October 2016, and amended in April 2017, to further reduce emission results for the Davis Refinery. The draft PTC issued by the NDDoH is in accordance with all applicable Synthetic Minor Source requirements. This marks the first time that a refinery of this size and complexity has been reviewed and approved (on a draft basis) as a Synthetic Minor Source. Meridian believes this demonstrates that the application documents, and the extensive underlying engineering effort, supports its contention that the Davis Refinery will be able to attain the Lowest Achievable Emission Rates (“LAER”) possible.

Meridian CEO William Prentice on the Issued Draft Permit, “We are extremely proud to have achieved this milestone in the permitting process. Publication of this Draft Permit acknowledges the tireless work performed by the entire team – Meridian, SEH, Vepica, ZIA and many others, and the efforts of the NDDoH staff. We continued to push the limits of technical innovation throughout this process, and never stopped seeking opportunities to make the Davis Refinery as clean as it could possibly be.”


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