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Introducing the Cleanest Refinery on the Planet

By Paul Adair, Basin Bits Magazine

Meridian has a plan for the heart of the Bakken and part of this plan is the construction of the $850-million Davis Refinery near the city of Belfield, ND. Davis is poised to become the first high-conversion refinery built from scratch in the U.S. since 1976 and it is seen by industry to be the cleanest on the planet, producing far less of the greenhouse gas emissions commonly associated with older refineries.

As a greenfield refinery, Davis will not need to work in tandem with older technologies, instead using cutting-edge, clean fuels technology that rely on modern methods and environmental engineering that make the overall refining process more efficient and help reduce pollution.

“For me, pollution is just another word for inefficiency and a sign of a plant that is either poorly designed, poorly maintained, or both,” says Bill Prentice, CEO at Meridian.


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