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Letter: Major projects promise to bring great-paying jobs to North Dakota

At two opposite corners of North Dakota, two major projects promise to bring the next stage of oil and gas to our state, each with more than one hundred great-paying jobs.

These two projects are the Northern Plains Nitrogen fertilizer plant in Grand Forks and the Davis Refinery near Belfield. The benefits include the hundreds of jobs with hefty salaries and also new sources of important commodities we consume in the region. A fertilizer plant located in our state brings better reliability in the supply chain to our farmers. The Davis Refinery brings a new source of diesel, gasoline and aviation fuel to several users including agriculture in our state.

Of course, both will be the newest facilities in the nation and shall be engineered to the latest safety and health standards. Each facility is located in a city eager for new opportunities. In fact, it is a hunger they share with every city in the state. Our state’s boom is less than a decade old, and we all remember well when our kids faced few and limited opportunities to start careers and families. The last two years have been manageable as far as downturns go, but they remind us that we cannot let off the gas and must continue to compete for new economic opportunities.

The Davis Refinery and Northern Plains Nitrogen plant are in critical final stages of financing and/or regulatory processes. Crossing the finish line simply continues to develop opportunities for the next generation of North Dakota kids.

Resner lives in Grand Forks.