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Meridian CEO speaks at annual event, breaks down Permit to Construct public comments

Steve Kirch, KX News


The North Dakota Department of Health – Air Quality Division received nearly 11,000 emails about the Davis Refinery’s proposed air quality Permit to Construct, during the public comment period last month.

At the Annual Meeting today with the Stark Development Corporation in Dickinson, Meridian CEO, William Prentice, broke down the emails as part of the 30 minute presentation on the benefits of the Davis Refinery.

– A total of 10,832 emails were received.
– 97.5 percent were “form” comments, mostly blasted emails.
– 274 were “unique” comments.
– 193 comments were received from North Dakota.
– Of the 193 from ND, 39 are in favor of the Davis Refinery.
– Of all the emails received, less than ten of them raised points that were relevant to the air quality draft permit.

The majority of the comments expressed concern about the refinery’s proximity to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Prentice said the group will do it’s best to respond to all of the emails by next week. “If somebody is worried about this project, we may not think that worry is justified, but we will respond and explain why they don’t need to worry about this once they see what we are doing”.

He also said the “relevant” comments are being responded to in detail by the Meridian engineering staff.

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