William C. Prentice
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Prentice has 43 years of experience in energy project development, finance, design-construction and operations, and in new venture formation in the energy and technology industries. Read more…

Mark Fonda
Director of Engineering

Mr. Fonda is a Chemical Engineering graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with an MBA from Duke University and over 40 years’ experience in refinery engineering and operations. Read more…

Thomas B. Johnson
Vice President of Operations

Thomas B. Johnson joins Meridian Energy Group as Chief Operations Officer. Mr. Johnson brings over 38 years of various refinery, petrochemical and oil sands
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Chad M. Hope

Chad Hope has joined Meridian as the Chief Financial Officer. Chad graduated from Auburn University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Accounting and Discreet Mathematics.
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Stephen L. Gjolme
Vice President, Business Development

Mr. Gjolme has over 25 years of experience in capitalization of emerging growth firms. Mr. Gjolme served in executive positions at The Ibis Group and the Private Investors Equity Group.. Read more…

Federico Baptista
Vice President, Houston General Manager

Mr. Baptista has held senior managerial positions at several energy companies including Industrias Venoco, C.A., Exxon Americas and Exxon Chemicals de Venezuela, the MEDIDO, Read more…

Lance Medlin
Executive Vice President, Projects

Mr. Medlin, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, has an extensive background in the industry, having led successful projects for Shell, BP, Exxon, Petrofac, KBR, and Pemex. Read more…

Julia Olguin
Executive Vice President, Strategies and Markets

Julia Olguin is Executive Vice President, Strategy and Markets for Meridian Energy Group. Ms. Olguin joined Meridian in 2016, bringing more than 25 years of experience Read more…

Dennis Pungitore
Vice President, Project Development

Mr. Pungitore brings extensive experience in the area of business development, having spearheaded power development projects under his own firm, as well as for ABB Power Generation Read more…

Frank Goseco
Member, Meridian Board of Directors

Frank Goseco has agreed to join Meridian as its Executive Vice President and General Counsel.

John Cloward
Chief Risk Advisor

Meridian Energy Group is proud to welcome John Cloward as its new Chief Risk Advisor. Now that the critically important air quality Permit to Construct from the North Dakota Department of Health has finished the public comment phase and award of the final permit is near, Meridian is preparing to begin Read more…

Ron Biagi
Member, Meridian Advisory Board

Ron Biagi, Managing Director of Biagi Management Group, to join Meridian’s Advisory Board. Biagi will act as a Financial Advisor to Meridian’s senior management Read more…

Paul Coppola
Member, Meridian Board of Directors

Mr. Coppola is currently the Energy Equity Portfolio Manager for RCH Energy/RR Advisors, LLC. He graduated from Fordham University in 1992 as a Distinguished Read more…

John Kamps
Member, Meridian Advisory Board

Mr. Kamps graduated college in 1966 from Southern Tech. in Marietta, GA. Soon after, joined Suburban Gas as a Field Engineer. Mr. Kamps started Kamps Propane in 1969 in Manteca, CA. Read more…

Greg Kessel
Member, Meridian Advisory

Greg Kessel, the owner of the Refinery site in Billings County, North Dakota, has agreed to join the Meridian Board of Directors, bringing his considerable local and regional business expertise and political connections to bear on behalf of Meridian.

Norris Mitchell
Member, Meridian Board of Directors

Norris Mitchell, a successful Virginia businessman and real estate investor, and a major investor in Meridian, has agreed to join the Meridian Board of Directors.

Tom Skwarek
Member, Meridian Board of Directors

Mr. Skwarek brings over 30 years of project finance experience to the Meridian team, having worked in managing director positions at JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, UBS and Swiss Re. At these firms, Mr. Skwarek has led project and structured Read more…

Michael W. Smith
Member, Meridian Board of Directors
natural gas exploration companies_Mike-W

Mr. Smith and his wife Anita were early stage investors in Meridian, and because of his expertise he will provide Board level oversight of project cost and scheduling management and control. Read more…