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Meridian Energy Group Submits Response to Questions from the North Dakota Department of Health

BELFIELD, North Dakota (Wednesday, June 14th, 2017) – Meridian Energy Group, Inc., the leading developer of innovative solutions for environmentally-compliant oil refining technology, announced today that it has submitted its response to the remaining questions posed by the North Dakota Department of Health – Air Quality Division (“NDDH”) on Meridian’s Davis Refinery. This comprehensive response submittal has ensured that the review of Meridian’s Permit to Construct (“PTC”) application by the Department will now continue as scheduled. Meridian has supplied the Department with additional supporting data on proposed NOx and CO emissions from FGCD, as well as fugitive emissions estimations with a thoroughness that will satisfy what is required for a permit of a Synthetic Minor Source such as the Davis Refinery. 

Meridian commends the NDDH Air Quality Division for its extensive and meticulous review of the PTC application.  It is to be expected that an analysis of this magnitude is necessary for an innovative project that is the first of its kind.  The Davis Refinery being submitted as a Synthetic Minor Source will no doubt create a stricter technical standard for emissions control in the industry, and Meridian hopes it will also serve as the blueprint for the review process itself on all such projects that follow it. In recent discussions, both David Glatt, the NDDH Environmental Health Section Chief, and Terry O’Clair, NDDH Director of the Air Quality Division, re-iterated their commitment to engage all the Division’s resources necessary to complete a thorough review in a timely fashion, and that the Davis Refinery PTC was the Air Quality Division’s top priority. 

Eddie Martinez, CEO ZIA Engineering & Environmental Consultants LLC., had this to say, “We understand the NDDH’s comments and questions regarding the estimated emissions levels proposed by the Davis Refinery.  However, given advances in the industry and with controls technologies available today, what wasn’t even possible 40 or even 10 years ago is now achievable and being implemented for the Davis Refinery.  This project shows what is possible within the industry and the compatibility of industry and the environment when there is a commitment to ensure stringent environmental controls.  We are fully committed to working with the NDDH and the public through the review and approval process.

 Andreina Pena, Environmental Manager for VEPICA USA stated, “What comes with setting a brand-new standard of innovation in clean technology will be questions requiring us to verify the degree of emissions improvements we’re now able to make with today’s technology. Advances over the past couple of decades in commercially available burner technology is making possible today sustainable developments like Davis”

William Prentice, Meridian CEO on the prompt response to the NDDH permit questions, “Meridian is confident in the response from its technical team to the questions the NDDH have asked. The company is eager to get the Davis Refinery started in the field. Meridian can begin construction of Davis Light, the first phase of the Davis Refinery facility as soon as the PTC is received. Meridian hopes that the permit review, which began in October of 2016, will be completed in time to enable Meridian to make full use of the coming summer season.”


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