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Clean Fuels
The global move to clean fuels is unmistakable and irreversible. Meridian will lead the way with some of the cleanest fuels on the planet.
Opportunity to Profit
An unprecedented profit opportunity has presented itself. Meridian's Davis Refinery in the Bakken is being designed to capture it.
Now is the Time
Compared to projected stock valuations, Meridian's shares are undervalued. They represent an excellent buying opportunity.


Mission Statement

It is the Mission of Meridian Energy Group, Inc. to provide long term shareholder value through
the development and operation of the cleanest, most efficient and environmentally compliant
crude oil refineries in the world, benefiting our investors and the community.

About Meridian Energy Group Inc.

Meridian is focused on the developement of innovative and environmentally-compliant oil refining facilities. Our current focus is on the development of the "Davis Refinery," sited on approximately 150 acres (with additional acreage for buffer) in Billings County, east of the Fryburg Rail Facility in Belfield, North Dakota - the heart of the Bakken. At a rated capacity of up to 49,500 barrels per day (“bpd”), Davis could produce as much as 800mm gallons per year of refined products from local crude to serve regional markets. With groundbreaking taking place in July 2018, plant completion is expected by 2020.

Meridian will use state of the art equipment and processes to construct one of the first greenfield fuels refinery in the U.S. in four decades. The plant is being designed to be highly efficient and will be capable of producing nearly zero sulfur diesel and jet fuels years ahead of EPA mandates. Operating on natural gas will provide many advantages, including low operating costs, and low emissions. The Lowest Achievable Emission Rates ("LAER") will be achieved by use of the Best Available Control Technology.

Meridian is coming to the Bakken with a commitment to the future and an eye to the big picture. Our plans include the addressing of critical infrastructure needs for housing, commercial businesses, industrial space and basic utilities. We are developing a gas fired power plant to ensure sufficient electrical power for the refinery and the nearby community of Belfield. Our refinery will create permanent, high paying jobs, something the entire community can get behind.

Meridian's management team has extensive experience in refinery development, including long tenures with some of the world's leading petrochemical companies. For biographies on Meridian's management, go to the Management tab at the top of this page. For more on our refinery, click the Davis Refinery.

Meridian's Focus

  • The Opportunity Today

    Meridian recognizes that a convergence of forces has created an unprecedented opportunity. Crude oil production in the Bakken is well over one million barrels per day. Yet, 95% or more of that is being shipped out of state to distant refineries. Meanwhile, North Dakota has a severe shortage of diesel fuel that will only worsen as oil production continues to grow. About 2/3 of the state's oil is transported from the wellhead by diesel guzzling trucks. A glaring need exists for refining capacity to convert Bakken crude into valuable diesel for the local market. Meridian's Davis Refinery will address this need and expects to earn handsome profits in the process. See the Davis Refinery at top for more information.
  • Clean Fuels Demand Grows

    It is well documented that, given a choice, consumers from virtually every walk of life will choose cleaner fuels over fuels with high emissions. Regulations have helped usher in this new reality as well. In the 1980's sulfur content in diesel fuel was 3000 parts per million. Today, it's 15 ppm for what is known as Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, the biggest seller. By 2025 that number will be zero, thanks to EPA mandates. These fuels are expected to emit up to 30% less carbon particulate and NO2 than even today's cleanest available fuels. Meridian will produce diesel with virtually no measurable amount of sulfur for all of its transportation fuels years ahead of those mandates. Meridian is taking the lead in ushering in a new era of hyper clean fuels that will be the choice of consumers everywhere. gas drop to green world
  • Davis Refinery Permitting Overview

    • Rezoning and Conditional Use Permits granted July 2016
    • Water Appropriation Permit Draft Permit Recommended by State Engineer on July 6th 2017 - Approval February 1st 2019
    • Permit to Construct (Air) - Issued June 13th 2018
    • Permit to Operate (Air) to be filed upon project completion
    • Industrial Storm Water Discharge Permit submittal once in operation
  • Oil Price Index

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